Zero Trust, Microsegmentation, and Asset Security in the COVID Era

Zero Trust, Microsegmentation, and Asset Security in the COVID Era

Cylera Team
By Cylera Team

 "Times are uncertain, your healthcare enterprise security shouldn't be."

In the era of COVID-19, healthcare services are relied on more than ever before to adapt to the new norm. To accommodate the surge in need, healthcare has become even more reliant on technology to satisfy demand. At the same time, cyber-criminals are taking advantage of the disruption and distraction caused by the pandemic to carry out opportunistic cyber-crimes.

Now more than ever, healthcare must be prepared in the event of a security breach or cyber attack. The outdated method of trusting the internal perimeter by default leaves the organization at risk if that perimeter is compromised, or if someone with access to it has malicious intentions. ZeroTrust is an increasingly popular method of access methodology where organizations do not assume that data is secure, or that someone should be trusted simply because a credential checks out. 

Securing the healthcare internet of things involves so much more than a well tuned IT patching system and the periodic running of Qualys or your preferred network vulnerability and compliance tools. It necessitates locking down both user and object access to ensure that only those with a need to access HIoT systems can access them. It also requires a few compensating security controls to make up for a lack of basic security designed into most medical and IoT devices.

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The panel includes:

  • Emmanuel Jackson, CEO, Evanston Technology Partners
  • Chuck Sackley, Executive Vice President, AppGuard at the Healthcare MSS forum 2020.

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