Financial and ROI Impact Executive Summary

Financial and ROI Impact Executive Summary

Cylera Team
By Cylera Team

Financial Return on Investment Considerations for CFOs, Healthcare CIO/CISOs, and Risk Management Leadership

Many  healthcare  organizations  remain  mired  in  a  legacy  approach  to  cybersecurity.  Largely  the  budget focus is on classic IT tools such as firewalls, IDS/IPS, Anti-virus and malware protection, data-loss prevention, and  others.  The  Ponemon  Institute’s  annual  studies  on  the  cost  of  cybercrime  found  that  most organizations invested in perimeter controls when what had the biggest return on investment (ROI) was related to security artificial intelligence systems, machine learning, and automation. Also highly ranked in terms of ROI were the use of cybersecurity behavioral analytics. 

Cylera has demonstrated financial benefits and strong ROI use cases which will be shared in this summary. Examination  of  these  use  cases  and  potential  cost  savings  may  cause  executives  who  are  reviewing technology renewals to consider the value of changing to Cylera’s solution.

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