Cylera Partners with CISCO

Cylera Partners with CISCO

Cylera Team
By Cylera Team

Working together to automate the complex security heads of Healthcare IoT: CISCO and Cylera

Furthermore, via its AI-based creation of profiles for each endpoint, Cylera MedCommand looks for anomalous traffic requests, regardless of whether network segmentation is active or not, and will flag these to network monitoring tools and security incident and event management systems like IBM’s Q-Radar and other SIEMs. It also interfaces with asset management systems to add utilization data. This is useful for knowing how often each device is being used for better asset management and resource leveling, saving you money on the purchase of additional devices.

The Cylera solution stack is integrated with Cisco pxGrid and Cisco ISE at a native API level, setting the Cylera solution apart from most of its competitors. This allows Cylera MedCommand and Cisco ISE and pxGrid to work seamlessly together to solve fundamental security segmentation issues.

“Our solution is all about automation,” said, Cylera’s CEO Tim Ozekcin. “If you are in charge of cybersecurity at a hospital or biomedical engineering, you don’t have time to manually figure out security for tens of thousands of HIoT devices, that’s why we automated the entire process using AI and ML. HDOs have enough worries on their plates with COVID, so the last thing they need or more things to keep them up at night.”

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To find out more about how Cylera MedCommand automates Cisco ISE and TrustSec based segmentation, or to arrange a demo please visit click here.

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