Cylera - Cisco ISE Setup Guide

Cylera - Cisco ISE Setup Guide

Cylera Team
By Cylera Team

Cylera and Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)

Assuring Secure Identity and Network Admission Control Services for Healthcare Delivery Organizations 

Cylera’s IoT platform, MedCommand™ has a free, built-in integration with Cisco’s Network Access Control NAC product, Identity Services Engine (ISE). This technical Quick Start Guide shares details on how to configure the integration of Cisco ISE with Cylera’s MedCommand.

Our Cisco ISE integration is unique in that we identify and categorize all IoT and medical devices (IoMT), automate Cisco ISE policy creation on Cylera's side of the integration, and push policy to Cisco ISE whose admins can feasibly “turn on” the policies at the push of a button.

The business value of this ease can eliminate time and resource costs many providers pay to third-party contractors for dedicated skills in writing Cisco ISE policies or in having to hire a specialist employee.

Document scope addresses:

  • Prerequisites
  • Setting up the Cisco side of the Cylera integration
  • Integration setup for the Cylera appliance
  • Summary and Technical Support contact information if further questions arise

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