Cylera Achieves Leader Ranking in Connected Medical Device Security Solutions

Cylera Achieves Leader Ranking in Connected Medical Device Security Solutions

Cylera Team
By Cylera Team

Global Research Firm Names Cylera as Leader in Connected Medical Device Security Solutions report 

Cylera has been recognized as a top four global technology leader by global research firm Quadrant Knowledge Solutions in its most recent industry analysis report, SPARK Matrix™: Connected Medical Device Security Solutions, Q4 2023. 

As a healthcare IoT asset intelligence and security leader, we ranked among the highest in the Customer Impact category and listed overall as one of the top four global providers in connected medical device security, “offering a sophisticated and comprehensive technology platform that provides visibility, location, usage, and risk score of all the devices present in the network ecosystem. 

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Technology excellence  Quadrant Knowledge Solutions 2023 Award

The Quadrant Knowledge Solutions report provides a detailed analysis of the global connected medical device security solutions industry, including market dynamics, major trends, vendor landscape, and competitive positioning. The report ranks the leading connected medical device security solution vendors in the form of a SPARK Matrix™ related to their competitors concerning various performance parameters based on the category of technology excellence and customer impact. The study provides strategic information for healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) to evaluate different vendor capabilities and competitive differentiation. 

This particular report described how our IoT intelligence and security platform can readily discover, categorize, inventory, risk assess and monitor a diverse and large volume of healthcare IoT and connected medical devices. The analysts identified several key capabilities of our platform including: 

  • A degree of granular device details, including Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), vulnerability, risk and utilization 
  • A centralized dashboard that simplifies complex layers of information and includes features like risk scoring with prioritization, incident response, threat remediation, and compliance analytics 
  • A passive monitoring approach of observing network traffic without disrupting sensitive medical devices for discovery and analysis, thus maintaining critical medical availability 
  • Facilitates compliance by offering a detailed inventory management system for connected devices 
  • Improved security posture and the ability to mature security programs by eliminating IoMT inventory, vulnerability, and threat management operational and process gaps 
  • Alignment to standards-based risk analysis of healthcare IoT devices to meet regulatory and operational compliance requirements (e.g., NIST, HIPAA, CCPA) 
  • Enabling more accurate and up-to-date IoT/IoMT device micro-segmentation in support of Zero Trust initiatives 
  • Analytics that provide extensive usage of telemetry across sites and hospitals to help ensure patient care availability, as well as to make informed budget decisions and cost-effective deployment 

Unmatched visibility and accuracy

As part of the report’s vendor assessment on customer impact, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions surveyed, verified, and obtained public use case details regarding a sampling of the companies’ customers. SPARKS Matrix: Connected Medical Device Security Q4 Matrix

All surveyed Cylera customers shared that they conducted proof-of-value (POV)/comparative tests comparing Cylera against other companies highlighted in the 2023 SPARK Matrix™. The following areas were where Cylera consistently proved comparatively superior: 

  • A greater number of healthcare IoT assets were discovered and classified, and more vulnerabilities were found. One customer cited “at least 15% more right out of the box, while the competing vendors had to come back weeks later with custom updates to support a new class of devices.” 
  • Faster and easier deployment with one customer who expressed, “Within the first few hours, we found our IoT, IoMT, and OT devices discovered, profiled, cataloged, and registered.” 
  • More accurate risk profiling and scoring. Multiple customers expressed the outcome of better-prioritized actions that vastly reduced the remediation workload of their IT, security, and biomedical team members, who are in limited quantity in healthcare organizations. Customers also expressed significantly “less alert fatigue than other vendors.” 
  • A higher degree of granular device details, including tracking of vulnerability, risk, utilization, and location – providing value to not only security but procurement and allocation processes as well. One customer commented, “more informed data to improve business decisions in purchasing efficiency and revenues from underutilized devices.” 
  • Advanced platform capabilities, including the use of Machine Learning (ML) for more accurate identification, risk scoring, and behavior monitoring. 

“... unmatched depth of visibility... results were eye-opening.... real-world operational factors and guidance are included in comprehensive risk profile generation”, Cylera customer. 

“Cylera provided us a means to fully know what we have, in-depth and how to manage those devices and the risks according to our business priorities and revenue goals. The analytics provided can drive change related to where IoMT assets are located, how they are scheduled, how they are accessed to optimize their revenue potential”, Cylera customer.  

Continued growth in IoMT  

As part of the analysis process to create the ranking, customers were also surveyed and asked questions on what changes they are seeing from a connected device security perspective and how they expect these trends to evolve in the future. In response to these questions, many stated that they anticipate continued growth in their IoT and IoMT assets with several concerned about managing attacks, as well as operational, privacy, and reputation risks. This is a trend that we have also identified, and with the global Healthcare IoT market projected to reach a revenue of US$93.82bn by 2023, these threats show no sign of slowing down.  

Recent data from Check Point confirmed how healthcare is one of the top three most targeted sectors by cybercriminals in the US, with an 86% increase in attacks last year. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services breach portal, as of November 2023, more than 83 million individuals have been affected by healthcare cyber breaches of protected health information (PHI) data as per cases under investigation in connection with HITECH Act. 

We pride ourselves in delivering a platform that responds to the evolving security challenges that our healthcare customers face, providing the easiest, most accurate and extensible platform on the market. This was noted by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, commending our SaaS-based platform for its ease of use and deployment, and highlighting its scalability and extensibility in supporting hospitals of all sizes. From 150 or more beds to larger networks that manage over a dozen hospitals and more than 250 different facilities across multiple regions and countries, we help optimize care delivery, service availability and cyber defenses across diverse connected medical device and infrastructure.  

Closing lines  

Mohnish Rathore, analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, said: “Cylera has been placed among the market leaders owing to factors such as comprehensive healthcare IoT security technology for continuous IoMT visibility, high-fidelity intelligence, risk scoring with prioritization, and integrated threat mitigation.” 

"Beyond the ease, flexibility, and depth of functionality of its platform, users expressed Cylera’s rapid time-to-value and outcome-based, partnership approach to healthcare customer success, setting Cylera apart from its competitors. Owing to the company’s platform capabilities and customer impact, Cylera has been positioned among the leaders to be considered by healthcare delivery organizations in 2023", continued Mohnish.  

Our Co-founder and CEO, Timur Ozekcin, added: “It is a privilege to be placed as a leader in the 2023 SPARK Matrix™ for Connected Medical Device Security Solutions. It’s testament to the work being carried out by the Cylera team and our focus on building successful outcome-oriented business relationships with our customers.  

“Our mission is to help healthcare providers optimize their resources, availability, resiliency, capacity, and savings which ultimately protects what matters - the health and privacy of patients. This market leadership recognition highlights our continued commitment to our mission and our customers.”  

To learn how Cylera can help healthcare delivery organizations fortify patient care and accelerate resiliency, get in touch with the Cylera team here or email 

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