Cisco DNA Center / Prime Integration Solution Brief

Cisco DNA Center / Prime Integration Solution Brief

Cylera Team
By Cylera Team

Cylera's Integration with Cisco DNA/Prime

Cylera and Cisco joint customers adopting Cisco's Digital Network Architecture (DNA) and or still using Cisco's older, Prime Infrastructure (no longer available), have invested in Cisco's vision of a comprehensive network management system, foundational controller, and analytics platform core to Cisco’s "intent-based network" (IBN).

The Cisco DNA Center™ is a portfolio of software solutions with an open and extensible API with which Cylera integrates to gather device data from across the field of assets seen in the DNA Center. Cylera's integration is seamless and simple, pulling device information from Cisco and adding, deeper insights that help your business operate more efficiently.

To learn more, download the integration solution brief.

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