CISCO Diversifies Multi-Vendor Security Integrations

CISCO Diversifies Multi-Vendor Security Integrations

Cylera Team
By Cylera Team

Integration across multiple platforms opens new possibilities for technology partners.

Today, Cisco welcomes 30 new industry partners with 55 new product integrations to the Cisco Security Technology Alliance (CSTA) program. This is the largest number of partner integrations announced in the 7-year history of the program. 

The CSTA program is a robust ecosystem of technology partners integrating with the Cisco Security portfolio to assist customers in solving complex security problems, reacting to threats, and increasing availability of their IT systems. At the outset, Cisco took the approach of opening their security platform with APIs and advanced data sharing frameworks so that they could create meaningful and functional technology integrations. 

Today, they have integration APIs & SDKs across 9 product families in the Cisco Security portfolio – from network access and firewalls to endpoint, and from advanced threat to cloud security. Their latest addition is the API that enables their SecureX Threat Response customers to make the most of their existing investments in both their Cisco Security products and technology partners adopting the API.

CSTA has now grown to over 200 partners representing over 350 product-to-product integrations. We have accomplished this together with our vendor partners by creating developer-friendly integration frameworks. By leveraging Cisco Developer Network, it allows our technology partners to rapidly build integrations with Cisco products, platforms, and APIs. It also provides SDKs, tutorials, learning labs, and sandbox environments to accelerate integration efforts.

Globally, organizations face unprecedented change and security executives have to quickly adapt to ensure business continuity, integrity, and availability. By working together to take a coordinated and collaborative approach with their integrations, Cisco can solve security problems more effectively and more efficiently.

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